Wednesday, August 15, 2012

STS 3.0 and SAP NetWeaver Cloud

This article was originally posted in the SAP Community Network

One of the interesting news this week is the release of the Spring Tool Suite 3.0.0. In addition to the new features, the highlight is that the complete project is now available as open source software on GitHub under the Eclipse Public License. This is really great news for the Eclipse community! More details about this move can be found on the SpringSource Blog.

After reading this news, I was thrilled to try developing a Spring application with STS 3.0 and deploying it on my trial account in SAP NetWeaver Cloud. I went to the STS download site, grabbed a package and installed it. Then I followed the usual steps for installing the Eclipse Tools for SAP NetWeaver Cloud on top of STS. Since STS 3.0 is based on Eclipse 4.2, the Eclipse Tools for SAP NetWeaver Cloud must be installed from the Juno update site:

STS comes with a nice dashboard that brings you up to speed with the Spring technology. Luckily there is a nice example project "spring-mvc-showcase" that demonstrates the capabilities of the Spring MVC web framework through small, simple examples. Just a single click and the project was fetched from GitHub and installed in my Eclipse workspace.

The Maven Integration for Eclipse resolved all required libraries and the project was ready to deploy. I quickly got a functional Spring application, so I will skip any real Spring development for now.

Deploying it on the SAP NetWeaver Cloud required a few more clicks. I just called the "Run on Server" action from the project's context menu and deployed it successfully on the Local Test Server and on my trial account in SAP NetWeaver Cloud.

Trying out Spring with SAP NetWeaver Cloud was a really easy win for me!

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