Friday, July 25, 2008

Bulgarian community in Eclipse

It is a month already after the second Eclipse DemoCamp I have organized in Sofia, Bulgaria. Despite the sunny summer Saturday afternoon, the event was as successful as the first one. A day later, while I was counting the people attended, I realized that during the two events we were nearly one hundred persons gathered totally. One hundred Eclipse fellows in Sofia! Being aware of the Regional Communities initiative of the the Eclipse Foundation, I have decided to try to organize such a community in Bulgaria.

Now all the necessary infrastructure for ramping up the Eclipse Bulgarian community is in place:

Some of the key topics in the community's activity I foresee to be:

  • continue organizing Eclipse DemoCamps - they proved to be highly attended and liked by people.

  • start with Bulgarian translation of Eclipse. Look at the Babel project.

  • prepare educational sessions about Eclipse - together with our friends from Linux for Bulgarians and their TechCamp.

  • more and more ideas that will come from all the community members.

So, if you are a Bulgarian Eclipse fellow crawling in the blog space, please feel welcome to join our new community!