Thursday, September 16, 2010

JPA Diagram Editor 0.5 RC2 released

The JPA Diagram Editor project has just published the next release candidate - 0.5 RC2. This milestone build requires Graphiti 0.7.0 RC1. Check the project's wiki page for installation instructions.

This RC comes with a significant list of bugs fixed. There are still some more left. So we are going to have one more RC in the next weeks and then we will officially release version 0.5, which will be compatible with Helios and Graphiti 0.7.

I'd like to thank my colleagues Stefan and Petya for their great job in driving the project. Kudos go also to Ram, Tuukka and Alex for the great bugs they have reported.

By the way, we have set up a Hudson build, so everybody can have an early look at the bug fixes we commit to CVS. More info:

And, by the way, the JPA Diagram Editor will be presented at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 :-)

Stay tuned!