Friday, July 6, 2012

Eclipse UI Tips now come on time

The first version of the Eclipse UI Tips for Android reached the astonishing adoption of 18 installations. 13 of which are still active. I am happy that there are people who find this app interesting and useful. Special thanks go to Lothar who submitted the only review in Google Play. I really appreciate it! And I really do care for the feedback that reaches me. 

A few days ago I published an update of the application. As requested, the time for the tip of the day is now configurable. It is not fixed to 8:30 am anymore and you can set it to whatever time you like.

Another improvement is that the welcome screen now includes a link to the User Interface Guidelines wiki page. This is a short term response to the request that it should be possible to browse all of the guidelines without waiting for the tip of the day to come. I will work on a more integrated solution later.

The new version includes also some minor improvements in the layout and a couple of bug fixes.

That's for now, folks! If you want to share any feedback, you are warmly welcome to write a review in Google Play or submit an issue in github.