Thursday, September 16, 2010

JPA Diagram Editor 0.5 RC2 released

The JPA Diagram Editor project has just published the next release candidate - 0.5 RC2. This milestone build requires Graphiti 0.7.0 RC1. Check the project's wiki page for installation instructions.

This RC comes with a significant list of bugs fixed. There are still some more left. So we are going to have one more RC in the next weeks and then we will officially release version 0.5, which will be compatible with Helios and Graphiti 0.7.

I'd like to thank my colleagues Stefan and Petya for their great job in driving the project. Kudos go also to Ram, Tuukka and Alex for the great bugs they have reported.

By the way, we have set up a Hudson build, so everybody can have an early look at the bug fixes we commit to CVS. More info:

And, by the way, the JPA Diagram Editor will be presented at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2010 :-)

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

JPA Diagram Editor first milestone released

I am happy to announce that the JPA Diagram Editor project made its first milestone release - 0.5 RC1. Just follow the installation instructions, posted on the project's wiki, and you are ready to build your JPA model in a diagram. There is a nice Getting Started tutorial to help your first steps. If you want to take a quick look before installing, then check our demo on YouTube.

An example of a diagram created by the JPA editor

The JPA Diagram Editor is a new incubating project in the WTP Incubator. The project is initiated by SAP and aims to contribute the existing JPA Diagram Editor from the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, and continue its future development in the Eclipse community. This contribution is based on the Graphiti project - the new graphics modeling infrastructure in Eclipse.

The official 0.5 version of the project will provide a stable release of the initial contribution. Due to the migration to Graphiti, there are some bugs to be cleaned and we are actively working on them. Nevertheless, we decided to release early to hear your feedback sooner. If you eventually find a bug, then please report it in the WTP Incubator Bugzilla (use component You can check the list of already reported bugs if that bug has already been found - we are actively testing at the moment.

Please, note that currently the JPA Diagram Editor supports only JPA 1.0 projects. This mean that you will not see the "Open Diagram" action in the context menu of JPA 2.0 projects. JPA 2.0 support is definitely on our radar screen. We will start working on it after releasing the stable 0.5 version.

Any feedback is very welcome. Especially with suggestions how to evolve the project in the future months. We are available on the WTP Incubator Forum and mailing list.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Demo Camp Sofia 2010 Roundup

Last Thursday all Bulgarian Eclipse enthusiasts met in Sofia to show some cool Eclipse stuff and share tips and tricks. More than 100 fans (the exact number is 112!) from over 30 companies and organizations took a day off from work and joined the best Eclipse Demo Camp in Sofia so far.


The audience has been warmed up with a couple of morning talks: a Community Update by Mike Milinkovich and an Enterprise Perspective on the Eclipse platform [1] [2] by Krasimir Semerdzhiev (SAP) and Chris Frost (SpringSource).


After the lunch the demo fight began. Ten demos, presented by 7 speakers, fought to grip the audience. We saw e4, Swordfish, Jazz, Virgo, RAP, Xtext and more. But, finally, Kiril Mitov took the grand prize with indisputable advantage over the others.


The demo camp turned out to be a great opportunity for networking. There were couple of breaks and a cocktail that were used by attendees to meet the speakers and talk each other. Personally, I met a lot of amazing people and each one of them had something interesting to share with me.


One of the most interesting parts for us, the organizers, is the feedback we've received. We have a big pile of feedback forms on our desks. Nevertheless, all of them are already processed and summarized. We are happy to see that the event met the expectations of most people.

Feedback Summary

But the most astonishing part is the huge amount of hand-written comments. Dudes, we are really glad to see so many people that care making this event better! Be absolutely sure that we will take into account every single comment you have sent to us.

We hope to see all of you on the next demo camp. We believe it will be even better. Until then, make sure you subscribe to the Bulgarian Community mailing lists, so you don't miss the news. We asked the morning speakers to share their slides. Once we have them, we will notify you on the mailing list.


See you and have a great time hacking Eclipse!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Demo camp in Sofia this Thursday!


The Eclipse Demo Camp in Sofia is just around the corner!

This year you will not only have the opportunity to meet Mike Milinkovich on a local ground, but also to watch ten demos on a variety of Eclipse topics. Although planned as a local meetup, the demo camp naturally developed into an international event. Two of the demo speakers come from abroad - Chris Frost from SpringSource UK and Silvije Horvat from IBM CEE (Croatia).

The agenda is already finalized. The registration starts at 9:00 am. Come early to avoid the crowd on the registration desk and have a morning coffee with the organizers. The program officially starts at 10:00 am.

We have more than 80 attendees already registered. There are still few free seats available. Register on the wiki page to reserve your place! The cocktail after the demonstrations will give you the opportunity to commute with all these Eclipse friends in a relaxing environment.

See you at the demo camp!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eclipse DemoCamp in Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral by Peet Peaks

Once again Sofia is going to host an Eclipse DemoCamp. The event will be part of the Eclipse DemoCamp Helios 2010 series, which cover almost 30 cities all over the world. The focus of the demo camp is again on short demonstrations of the Eclipse technology. There is no limitation of application areas to present.

Like before the demo camp is free and open for everyone. The same is valid for the demos – the presentation scene is open for anyone who’d like to demonstrate an interesting application of the Eclipse technology. The only requirement is to register your demo on the wiki page of the event:

New this time is that we have a special guest – Mike Milinkovich, the President of the Eclipse Foundation. Mike will have a keynote that, we believe, will raise your attention.

The event will take place on June 3rd, 2010 from 10 am at Inter Expo Center, 147 “Tzarigradsko Chaussee” Blvd. The registration begins one hour earlier.

We invite all attendees and presenters to register on the event’s wiki page. The latter is the place to find more detailed information and news about the demo camp.

Help spreading the news by advertising the event in your network:

The Eclipse DemoCamp in Sofia is organized by SAP Labs Bulgaria with the support of the Eclipse Foundation.

Friday, April 30, 2010

How to Setup an Eclipse Update Site on SourceForge

I needed to setup a project for Eclipse plug-ins at Like many other similar projects I'd like to deliver my releases via an Eclipse update site instead of ZIP downloads. My goal was to take the best of the SourceForge's file release system and mirror site infrastructure.

After a short googling I found out that this problem has a simple solution. Thanks to Michiel 'elmuerte' Hendriks for posting guidelines on his blog. They work like a charm.