Monday, June 7, 2010

Demo Camp Sofia 2010 Roundup

Last Thursday all Bulgarian Eclipse enthusiasts met in Sofia to show some cool Eclipse stuff and share tips and tricks. More than 100 fans (the exact number is 112!) from over 30 companies and organizations took a day off from work and joined the best Eclipse Demo Camp in Sofia so far.


The audience has been warmed up with a couple of morning talks: a Community Update by Mike Milinkovich and an Enterprise Perspective on the Eclipse platform [1] [2] by Krasimir Semerdzhiev (SAP) and Chris Frost (SpringSource).


After the lunch the demo fight began. Ten demos, presented by 7 speakers, fought to grip the audience. We saw e4, Swordfish, Jazz, Virgo, RAP, Xtext and more. But, finally, Kiril Mitov took the grand prize with indisputable advantage over the others.


The demo camp turned out to be a great opportunity for networking. There were couple of breaks and a cocktail that were used by attendees to meet the speakers and talk each other. Personally, I met a lot of amazing people and each one of them had something interesting to share with me.


One of the most interesting parts for us, the organizers, is the feedback we've received. We have a big pile of feedback forms on our desks. Nevertheless, all of them are already processed and summarized. We are happy to see that the event met the expectations of most people.

Feedback Summary

But the most astonishing part is the huge amount of hand-written comments. Dudes, we are really glad to see so many people that care making this event better! Be absolutely sure that we will take into account every single comment you have sent to us.

We hope to see all of you on the next demo camp. We believe it will be even better. Until then, make sure you subscribe to the Bulgarian Community mailing lists, so you don't miss the news. We asked the morning speakers to share their slides. Once we have them, we will notify you on the mailing list.


See you and have a great time hacking Eclipse!